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The Company

The Stackers Violi always stand out in the field for three essential characteristics: high quality, long life and safety of the materials.

Our company after years of activity has expanded and consolidated, becoming a dynamic and structurally organized.

Our company can boast of a large customer base public facilities, hotels, restaurants, civilian homes and condos.

We are looking for new solutions of elevator equipment designed to improve the performance of the same, offering customers products highly professional, technically advanced, treated with sophistication in durable materials and innovative design.

Our products are made in relation to the needs of the customers.

Advanced searches are accompanied building technologies; innovative customization of the systems and elements, which are inserted in every place, with harmony and discretion.

For the future, we aim at a wider market, providing the experience and reliability through our highly qualified staff.

F.lli Violi ascensori - leader in lifts installation and maintenance